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Emergency Tarping

At one time or another you may have seen a blue tarp on a neighbor's roof, maybe after a storm.  Tarping can be a stopgap solution during an emergency that involves your roof, because it gives you a little more time to come up with funds or to work out issues with your insurance company. If a major weather disaster affected many homes here in the Peoria area, emergency tarping can also tide you over until your preferred roofing company can get up there to start making repairs.

You probably shouldn't try to go up to try to tarp your roof yourself. If the tarp isn't well-attached or if it isn’t thick enough it won’t provide adequate protection to your home. It’s not like putting up a tarp over your campfire.  If you don’t have the right size or strength of tarp, or don’t secure it properly, it will blow away or give out during the next storm, causing serious damage to your home. 

We screw down industrial-strength tarps that can withstand heavy winds.  Our installation gives you an emergency tarp setup that's fully secured to the roof and that prevents avoids all additional leaks.

How long can you leave a tarp on a roof?

It depends on the strength of the tarp and the amount of severe weather you get. Most tarps shouldn't be left on the home for more than 90 days. Yet some tarps can last awhile before they need to be replaced with a new tarp or removed to make way for the inevitable roof repairs you need.

If you aren't in a position to get your roof repaired soon, we can come out and swap out your emergency tarp.

Keep in mind that you'll lose some energy efficiency every day the tarp is on the roof. You can expect your electric bill to get higher unless you adjust your heating and cooling accordingly.

How much does emergency tarping cost?

It depends on how much of your roof you need to protect. We can often get it done for anywhere from $200 to $400. The size of your roof will matter here, of course, because a very large roof will need a proportionally sized tarp.

You're not paying only for the tarp, but also for the labor and the materials that help us secure down the tarp.

Need an emergency tarp on your roof?

We're ready to protect your home, both right away and longer-term. Call Landmark Roofing at (309) 740-7101 today.

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