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Gutter Replacement

Gutters don’t get enough respect. They're one of the most vital systems in your home. When working properly they shed water and direct it away from your house


When your gutters aren't working properly you've got trouble. Water can work its way under your shingles and siding, causing rot and producing leaks. It will pool up against your foundation, which can lead to thousands of dollars of foundation damage, a flooded basement, or both. Rainwater can rot your deck, ledge boards, rim joist, bottom plate, wooden siding or any wood under vinyl siding, window jambs, and more.


Here in Peoria, we get 38 inches of rain and 23 inches of snow every year. Moisture control matters.


When your gutters aren't working as they should, call us. We offer a wide range of customizable, durable, long-lasting gutter options that will help you protect your home.


How to maintain your gutters

Gutters need cleaning every spring and fall. Keeping your gutters clean and clear is one of the best ways to ensure they work throughout their normal projected lifespan.


While you clean them, make sure the gutters aren’t sagging and that the fasteners aren’t loose. Gutters need to be tight and snug against your home or they won't do the job they're meant to do.


Check for cracks, holes, rust spots, and leaks. Leaky gutters can send water back into your home, because the water never makes it to your downspouts. If you have vinyl sectional gutters, look for leaks where gutter lengths join together. If you have a seamless system you're less likely to see leaks at all, though you may need to seal the corner joints from time to time.


Check your landscaping, too. If you see erosion or a new drip line on your lawn, there may be an inadequacy in your gutter system.

How much does gutter replacement cost?

It depends on the type of gutters that you choose, and how big your house is. Vinyl gutters are about $5 per square foot. Seamless aluminum gutters can range from $6 to $12 per foot, but last up to 20 years, whereas vinyl gutters last for less than 10.

There are other types, like copper and steel, but usually the expense of those gutter types outweighs the benefits. Some people do still select copper for the historic or aesthetic benefits.

Nevertheless, we’re here to help you with the gutter system of your choice, and will advise you on the best options for your home.

Get your mind in the gutter!

If you live in or near Peoria, give us a call at 309-740-7101 today to schedule your free estimate on gutter replacement.

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