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Residential Roofing Services

Your home is only safe, livable, and attractive if your roof is solid.  A poorly installed or poorly maintained roof can affect pretty much everything else in your home.


Landmark Roofing takes residential roofing so seriously that it’s all we do.  We’re specialists, and that’s one reason homeowners in the Peoria area trust us to get the job done right and done once.   That focus makes our roofing team a well-oiled machine, which will be especially important and noticeable if you’ve got a big job (like a roof replacement).


You can call Landmark Roofing and tell us your needs, or you can browse our list of services to find out more about your specific type of project.  Our residential roofing services include:



Reviews of Landmark Roofing: what customers love about us


"Brian and his crews were great to work with. We were so pleased that we had them do a second project and were completely satisfied. They delivered on our expectations.” - Jim Smith (see review on Google Maps)


"We are incredibly happy with our roof replacement. Brian was very responsive. Everyone on his staff worked to make sure the roof installation was completed to our satisfaction. We highly recommend Landmark Roofing." - Teri Link (see review on Google Maps)

"Performed work exactly as stated on the contract for the agreed upon price. Arrived at specified time to bid job, start & complete roof, complete clean-up. I have extensive landscaping around entire perimeter of house. No damaged plants & landscape rock is spotless. Would highly recommend for roof replacement." - Daniel Miller (see review on Google Maps)

"We would highly recommend Cooper Construction/Landmark Roofing. Our roof was replaced last week. Brian's team was very professional, courteous, and efficient. Extra measures were taken to protect the windows, exterior lights and landscaping. Cleanup was done on a daily basis. The job was completed in the stated amount of time. The entire process was "non-stressful" from beginning to end. Brian explained everything thoroughly and answered all of our questions. We are very pleased with the results." - Scott Foster (see review on Google Maps)


"I strongly recommend this team for your roofing/construction needs. I had a leaking and damaged roof that needed a complete tear-off and repair. Some contractors didn't return calls, some were fly by night types, and others demanded a premium for the same work with the same products. Landmark Roofing was responsive, communicative, prompt, and cost competitive. The team arrived exactly on time and in 1 days effort, had done most of the work, identifying and repairing all the leaking issues. We had some unique challenges yet they handled them without increase in costs or delays. The yard cleanup was impeccable, especially given the wind we had the day of the tear-off. They spent extra time on hands and knees ensuring the area was clean without real damage to out extensive gardens. The net result was a beautifully re-built roof that was delivered on time, on budget, even as a lower bid that I feel confident will protect our home for years to come. If you are looking for roof work in the Washington, IL and surrounding areas, include Brian and his team in your consideration. You won't be disappointed and you'll save $$ to boot!" - Patrick Gudat (read review on Google Maps)


"Great Experience in Roof Repair!! Hail damaged roof that was fully repaired in 2 days. Worked directly with my insurance company to make sure all local building codes were covered with my insurance. I would highly recommend this company for roofing needs!!" - Dan Reed (see review on Google Maps)


"The Landmark roofing team was a pleasure to do business with, from working with Brian to get the job estimated and lined up and Ernesto and the installation team getting the install done in a reasonable time. Our home has an interesting detail where the roof meets the siding and they went above and beyond to investigate and make sure there were no issues before they installed the new roof. I truly appreciated their thoroughness. Thanks guys." - Stefan Wulf (see review on Google Maps)


How long should a residential roof last?


An average asphalt roof lasts 20 years. Yet when you get a roof from Landmark Roofing, we offer you a 50-year warranty. How is that possible?


First, because of our workmanship. We're not just "roofers." We've got carpenters’ hands and sculptors’ eyes. We know what it takes to put a roof on your home that's capable of withstanding Peoria weather.


Second, we choose exceptional roofing materials. We look for manufacturers who supply us with products we trust, and we pass the benefits of those products on to you.


What is the most durable type of roof?


Durability and practicality depend on where you live. Here in the Peoria area, you want asphalt. It's simply the best at shedding rain and snow. The asphalt shingles we put on your home last a long time, and are more cost-effective than other options. That's why we focus on asphalt roofing over other types (e.g. metal or tile) that you might find elsewhere in the US.


How much does it cost to replace a roof?


Costs vary widely based on the square footage of your roof, as well as the pitch of your roof. We've helped some customers for $2000. Others have had to pay as much as $20K to get the job done right.


We always give you a firm, no-excuses, no-surprises estimate. Once we tell you what your roof will cost we stick to our quote. The best way to find out how much it will cost to replace your roof is to call us. The job might just be more affordable than you fear.


If you don't need a roof replacement, we'll tell you that, too, and will offer the less-expensive roof repair or shingle repair. We're here to give you the most cost-effective solution for your roofing needs.


Ready to get started?


Don't delay. Contact us at (309) 740-7101 to schedule your estimate today. If you need a roof replacement or other big project done, the last thing you want to do is wait. Doing so could damage the underlying structure and may make your repair more expensive in the end. Call today to save money while protecting your home.

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