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Roof Repair

When a roof isn’t damaged overnight (like in a storm), the damage sneaks up on you over time.  In either case you need to get your roof repaired while you still can, before you might need to replace the whole roof.   


Whatever roof repairs you need, Landmark Roofing can help.  We serve the entire Peoria area.  Contact us today, or read on to learn more about roof repair.


When does your roof need repairs?


A long list of things can go wrong with a roof, or just wear out after enough years. Some problems are due to faulty installation, others are a result of storms, and others are caused by wear and tear.


The most common problems that call for roof repairs:


  • Torn shingles, especially after storms.

  • Nail pops, which can cause rust damage and water seepage.

  • Missing shingles.

  • Punctures due to debris or animals.

  • Rusty flashing.

  • Bent flashing.

  • Buckling shingles.

  • Soffit or fascia rot (often a sign of roof leaks).

  • Missing granules, or roof granules running through your gutter downspout.

  • Curling or misshapen shingles.

  • Water pouring into your home.


Warning signs of roof leaks


Roof leaks can happen long before you start seeing water leak through your ceiling.  In some cases, it takes years for you to see the water, because the leak is so slow that you never notice any moisture.


Before seeing water in your home you might see brown streaks on the ceiling, or a bulge in your ceiling paint.  You want to fix leaks before the leaks themselves become visible, because they are damaging your home just the same. They're causing mold and wood rot in your attic, and along the roof beams (which support your roof).


How much do roof repairs cost?


It depends on the size and extent of the problem(s). We've seen roof repairs that cost as little as $250 and roof repairs that cost as much as $3000.


If a roof repair costs more than $3000 the damage may be extensive enough that a roof replacement may be wiser.  Keep in mind that there’s often not just one problem with a roof, and that what you need fixed is just the first problem of many.  You probably don’t want to pay $1000 for roof repairs now only to need even more repairs next year, and then to need a new roof after that. 


How long do roof repairs take?


Unless your home is unusually large or the beams are unusually damaged, most roof repairs can be completed in two days or less. We'll give you a more-exact time estimate when we give you your free cost estimate.  Weather permitting, we'll work efficiently to get your roof repair done on time.

Call Landmark Roofing to schedule roof repairs


If you live in the Peoria area and need your roof repaired, call Landmark Roofing at (309) 740-7101 today.

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