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Roof Replacement 

  • Tear-Offs & Full New Roof Installation in Peoria Area

  • 50-Year Warranty on All New Roofs

  • 1-Day New Roof Installation Assurance


Considering a New Roof?

Even the best roof can’t last forever. A standard asphalt roof lasts about 20 years. Even other roofing types have lifespans. Eventually they get so damaged that they can't function any longer, or they just wear out because of constant exposure to the elements.


You may not know right away you need a new roof.  Usually it starts to go a few years before it goes.  A roof inspection can catch little problems early, but many people don’t bother to get roof inspections as routinely as they should.  In those cases it takes one major damaging event (like a big storm) to make it clear you need a new roof.


There’s never a good time to need a roof replacement, but Landmark Roofing will make it as un-stressful as possible.


We replace roofs in the Peoria area.  Contact Landmark Roofing to schedule a free roof inspection / consultation, or read on to find out more about roof replacement and the kind of new roof you can expect us to install for you.

"We are incredibly happy with our roof replacement. Brian was very responsive. Everyone on his staff worked to make sure the roof installation was completed to our satisfaction. We highly recommend Landmark Roofing." - Teri Link (see review on Google Maps)

"Performed work exactly as stated on the contract for the agreed upon price. Arrived at specified time to bid job, start & complete roof, complete clean-up. I have extensive landscaping around entire perimeter of house. No damaged plants & landscape rock is spotless. Would highly recommend for roof replacement." - Daniel Miller (see review on Google Maps)

"We would highly recommend Cooper Construction/Landmark Roofing. Our roof was replaced last week. Brian's team was very professional, courteous, and efficient. Extra measures were taken to protect the windows, exterior lights and landscaping. Cleanup was done on a daily basis. The job was completed in the stated amount of time. The entire process was "non-stressful" from beginning to end. Brian explained everything thoroughly and answered all of our questions. We are very pleased with the results." - Scott Foster (see review on Google Maps)

"The Landmark roofing team was a pleasure to do business with, from working with Brian to get the job estimated and lined up and Ernesto and the installation team getting the install done in a reasonable time. Our home has an interesting detail where the roof meets the siding and they went above and beyond to investigate and make sure there were no issues before they installed the new roof. I truly appreciated their thoroughness. Thanks guys." - Stefan Wulf (see review on Google Maps)


When do I need to replace my roof?

Age is the first sign. An asphalt roof only has a 20-year lifespan.  If your roof is getting close to that age, it’s served you well and may continue to hold up for a bit longer, but you need to go to the bullpen now.


Signs of wear will tell you how urgent a new roof is. Take a look at your shingles: If they're curling, cracked, or showing bald spots because of missing roof granules then you’ll need a roof replacement soon.


Should a roof replacement include ice and water shielding?


Yes. Because of the hail and the snow we get here in the Peoria area, no roof should be without ice and water shielding.  Also, local roofing codes require it.  If you want extra ice and water shielding - so that it extends farther up your roof - just ask.  It helps reduce damage from winter storms.

How much does a roof replacement cost?

It depends mostly on the size, pitch, and complexity of your roof, but most roof replacements cost between $5000 and $15000.


The condition of your roof deck, soffits, fascia, and other components may also affect the cost of your roof replacement.


When does homeowners’ insurance cover roof replacement?


Your homeowners’ policy may cover your roof replacement if you need to replace your roof because of a storm or similar event. Otherwise you'll probably have to pay it out-o

Think you may need to replace your roof? Call Landmark Roofing to schedule your free roof inspection 

Our goal is for your roof not to give you any more surprises.  Once you know your roof needs to be replaced, our job is to make the new roof go up smoothly and last for decades.  We replace roofs in the Peoria area.  Call Landmark Roofing at (309) 740-7101 today to schedule a free roof inspection.

What does a full roof replacement include?

A full roof replacement usually involves the following steps:

1. Remove all the old shingles

2. Inspect and replace the roof deck if necessary

3. Replace the underlayment.

4. Install ice and water shielding.

5. Replace fascia and soffits if necessary.

6. Apply new flashing.

6. Install new shingles.

After we complete those steps you have a fully, structurally sound roof that’s able to withstand the wind and weather. A properly installed new roof can last for 20 to 50 years.

Do you always need to replace fascia and soffits when installing a new roof?

Pretty much.  The fascia and soffits are an important part of the system that keeps water from working its way under your shingles. They tend to rot over time, and most homeowners neglect them.  If we didn't replace your fascia and soffits at the same time we did your roof replacement then you'd run the risk of ruining your new roof, and may need them replaced in a few years anyway.

Roof replacement vs. tear-off vs. “new roof”: what are the differences?

When we create a new roof for you we're basically going through all 7 steps (above) and may end up repairing or replacing every single part of your roof down to the roofing deck. It will definitely mean removing and replacing all the old shingles and underlayment.

A "tear-off" means you're tearing off the old shingles and putting new ones down, but you're not dealing with the underlayment, roof deck, fascia, soffits, or decking.  A tear-off is just shingle replacement.

A roof replacement job could refer to a new roof or a tear-off job, depending on the person.  It could also refer to an "overlay," a technique in which we place a new layer of shingles over your old shingles, which is cheaper but doesn't last as long and adds weight to the structure of your home.

Can you install the new roof with a different roofing material or a different type of shingle?

Theoretically, you could add a tile or metal roof. But here in the Peoria area, tile roofing isn't practical. You could get a metal roof, which is economical in the long run but expensive in the short term.

Most homeowners choose to replace the roof with asphalt shingles. Insurance typically won't pay for an upgrade, and a well-built shingle roof lasts for 20 to 50 years. Many homeowners will move out of the home long before then anyway.

Will a new roof be less damaged in a hail storm?

Possibly.  Hail damage is unpredictable. A new roof may withstand the hail better.  In any case, you should probably get a roof inspection after hailstorm, if you suspect it really clobbered your home.

Does it cost more to get a roof replaced after it was damaged by a storm (like a hail storm)?

No. A roof replacement costs the same no matter how it was damaged. In fact, a storm-damaged roof might cost you, personally, a lot less. That's because insurance is more likely to pay for it if the damage is extensive enough to warrant a replacement.  In that case your deductible is the only thing you'd have to worry about.

How long does a roof replacement take?

We can tear off and replace a roof in 1 day in many cases. If it takes longer, weather is usually the culprit. We've never had a roof replacement take more than a week.

What types of new roofs can Landmark Roofing install?

We specialize in residential asphalt roofing and commercial flat roofing. Those are the roofs that are most practical here in the Peoria area, so those are the roofs we've chosen to focus on.

Why choose Landmark Roofing for the roof replacement?

We have over 15 years of experience, we offer a best-in-class 50-year warranty with every roof, and we care about you and your home. Our 5-star Google review track record is another we're roofers you can trust. Our customers consistently rate us highly for professionalism, punctuality, quality, and responsiveness.

How long before my new roof starts needing repairs?

Though most roofs have a 20-to-50 year lifespan, wind and weather can start to cause localized damage at any time. That's why you should have your roof inspected after every major storm.

It's not a bad idea to get an inspection every 2-3 years, just to determine whether minor damage has accumulated. That can prevent you from having to deal with major roof repairs later on.

Do you need to pull a permit to replace a roof in the Peoria area?

Yes.  You’ll need a permit, but we’ll pull it on your behalf before work begins.

One roofing company said I need a new roof.  Another said I just need roof repairs.  How do I figure out what I really need and what’s excessive?

There are visible signs a roof needs replacement that you don't have to be a roofer to notice. Those include buckling, peeling, or missing shingles, as well as algae or moss streaks. Obviously you also need a new roof if there are leaks or holes anywhere in the roof.

Here at Landmark Roofing we're always honest about the repairs you truly need, and we’re happy to explain why we think one options is better than another.

What’s the best time of year to replace a roof?

We recommend doing it in early summer, after the spring rains have stopped, but before it gets too hot and humid. Weather is the number one reason why a roof repair or replacement might take us longer than usual, because we need a clear, dry day to get to work.

How can I save money on a roof replacement?

The best way is to call for a roof inspection as soon as there's been a major storm. That allows you to catch problems as they arise. If the storm damage is extensive enough to require a roof replacement then you can usually get insurance to pay for it.

Another way is to check the warranty. If the replacement is under warranty your costs may be totally covered. Our roofs always come with a 50-year best-in-class warranty, so once you work with us you'll know you're going to be covered for a very long time.

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