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Roof Shingle Repair

Are your shingles old, worn down, or looking misshapen or misplaced? Any curling, buckling, or missing shingles?

Landmark Roofing offers full-service roof shingle repair. No job is too big or too small.  We're happy to repair a few problem shingles, if that’s all you need, especially if it prevents bigger problems later.

How often should I have my roof shingles checked?

You should have your shingles checked every three years, as part of a routine roof inspection. After about three years, storms, winter, and wear and tear have usually created problems on at least a few of your shingles.

If it's been longer than three years you should schedule a roof inspection right away.

What damages roof shingles?

Shingles are most commonly damaged by three things.


1. Nature. Tree limbs and hail can bombard a roof.  Rain and wind can scour granules off shingles.  Ice dams can send water under the tightest of shingle installations.  Moss, algae, or animals all try to make your roof into their new home.


2. Mistakes.  Homeowners with pressure washers can do a lot of damage, as can homeowners who walk around on their roof trying to fix something. 


3. Time.  Most roofs last about 20 years.  Some individual shingles may give out sooner.

What can go wrong with shingle installation?

If you didn't read your first roofer's reviews then you might have gotten someone who didn't know how to install shingles correctly. It happens, but it means you could have problems with your shingles a lot faster than the average homeowner.


The first thing a lot of roofers do wrong is skimp on nails. Each shingle should get at least four nails to keep it from flying off the roof.  They also sometimes get those nails placed incorrectly, leaving your shingles vulnerable.


Want a telltale sign that you got a rookie roofer? Look for missing starter shingles. The "starter strip" is a first layer of shingles laid along the overhang of your roof (lowest on the roof).  The rest of the shingles are then layered on top of those, providing more protection to an area that is quite prone to leaks.


Other issues, like misaligned shingles or insufficient lapping, are due to good-old-fashioned inexperience or sloppiness.

Contact Landmark Roofing to repair your shingles

No matter what has damaged or jostled your shingles, Landmark Roofing can help. 

Call (309) 740-7101 today to get a free estimate.

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