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Shed Roofs & Gazebo Roofs: Repair, Replacement, and Installation

Small structures need roofing, too. It's no fun to hang out in a leaky gazebo, and a leaky shed won't protect what’s inside, and you don’t want the structure to rot or become an eyesore. A solid roof on your shed or gazebo may be what you need to use your structure more, enjoy it more, and enjoy how it makes your property look.

Landmark Roofing in Peoria installs, replaces, and repairs outbuilding roofs.  Contact us for a free estimate, or read on to find out more.

Stick with shingles for your shed or gazebo

We’ll install the same durable shingles - with our 50-year warranty - for a gazebo or shed roof that we’d use for the roof on your home. Shingles are the best material for any roof here in the Peoria area.  They hold up for a long time and are cost-effective.

How much does a shed or gazebo roof cost?

It depends on whether you're making a repair or a replacement. Some gazebo or shed repairs can be done for less than a medium-to-large restaurant bill.

For a roof replacement, it mostly depends on the size of the gazebo or shed that you're working with. We've installed some for $2000. We've done others for $9000. To keep costs low, we recommend getting inspections for your shed and gazebo roofing, just like you do for your home roofing, at the same time you get the roof of your home inspected. That will give us an opportunity to catch problems and to fix them fast, inexpensively, and preventively.

Ready to get started?

When you call us, we'll give you a free estimate and stick with the estimate.  We'll look at your structure and tell you exactly what it's going to take to get your roof to hold up and look good for the long haul.

We'll have the entire job done in 1 day, which means you can start enjoying your structure soon.

Call Landmark Roofing to schedule your estimate. 

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