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Storm Damage Roof Inspection

Here in the Peoria area the weather is rough on roofs.  Snow, high winds, hail, even the occasional tornado, and fallen trees and limbs.  After a storm it's important to make sure your roof hasn't taken a beating. Though there are a few basic checks you can make yourself, a professional roof inspection is the only way to be certain your roof is ready for the next storm.

How do you inspect a roof for wind damage?

You can do a basic walk-around. You’re trying to spot missing or damaged shingles, loose or missing flashing, or large debris on your roof. You can also do a basic indoor inspection where you look for brown or yellow stains on your ceiling.


Neither of these methods is a good substitute for having one of our professional roofers come to perform an end-to-end roof inspection. Our team uses infrared thermal imaging to detect leaks that can't be seen with the naked eye. We can also find dents that you wouldn't necessarily see during a walk-around.


Finding this damage and correcting it while it's still small or invisible means we can fix it before any water starts actively pouring into your home.

What do insurance adjusters look for on roofs?

Insurance adjusters look for signs that any damage is much older than the most recent storm. That's why you want to get a roof inspection done after any major severe weather.


It may be that a major bit of damage got caused by hail, but if you let it sit for months and didn't call anyone until the problem became more active your insurance company may refuse to cover it. That can be catastrophic for your finances. 


One of the biggest benefits of having a professional storm damage roof inspection is you get the documentation you need to file a successful insurance claim. You also get our help dealing with the insurance companies, and corroboration that the damage is real and storm-related and should be covered.

Now that that storm is over, need a roof inspection?

Don't let unnoticed storm damage ruin your home. Call Landmark Roofing at (309) 740-7101 today to schedule your storm damage roof inspection.

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