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Chimney Flashing Repair

Many roof leaks aren't the result of a shingle problem.  They're because of a flashing problem.


Flashing is a layer of metal that goes under your shingles in certain parts of your roof, which helps keep water out of certain parts of your roof and home.  One part that requires flashing is around the base of your chimney.  When that chimney flashing gets old or damaged it can allow water through your shingles and into your home, and of course can damage your chimney along the way.


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Why do chimneys need flashing?

The only way for a chimney to come out of a roof is for a space to be cut in the roofing (deck + shingles) for the chimney to pass through. If you just had a hole with no sealant then water would pour into that spot every time it rained. Flashing forms the seal that keeps the chimney watertight..

The flashing is a big strip of metal (rather, many small strips) that runs up and around your entire chimney. The individual strips are fixed with sealant and are pressed snugly against the brick to keep water out. Because the chimney penetration is cut at an angle the flashing encourages water to run against it, then down that angle, then off of the roof entirely.

Should you try to fix chimney flashing yourself?

No.  Call a professional, experienced, and licensed roofer.  That keeps you off of the roof (always good for life expectancy).  It keeps you from starting a project you can’t finish before the next rainstorm.  Also, there’s no chance you run out of the right materials, can’t find the right materials in the store, or don’t know what exact kind of flashing or sealant to buy.


If you try to do it yourself and make mistakes you could cause thousands of dollars damage to your home - damage your insurance policy will not cover. Even caulking your own chimney flashing is a bit of a risk. The job seems simple, but it’s a high-stakes repair.


The bad news is chimney flashing repair is not a DIY job.  But the good news it’s not an expensive repair to have a good roofer do.


Call Landmark Roofing


If you see flashing that's dented, damaged, rusting, or loose, call us right away. We'll give you a free estimate.  With your go-ahead we’ll get the work done quickly, so there's no time for further damage to develop.


By the way, we also offer a roof inspection that includes checking your flashing, if you're not sure whether or not there's a problem.  Call Landmark Roofing at (309) 740-7101 today to get started.

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