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Garage Roof Replacement, Installation, and Repair

Most of us don't think much about our garage, let alone its roof. Yet a garage roof still has to hold up and protect some important things.  Our cars.  Our yard equipment.  Our tools.  Ourselves.

That’s why your garage roof needs to be installed correctly, or at least kept safe and in good shape.  Landmark Roofing in Peoria can help.  You can contact us now, or read on to find out more.

What is the best material for a garage roof?

Typically shingles. An attached garage (with a gabled roof that sits on the side of your home) will need the same kind of roofing materials that your house uses. We'll use high-quality shingles and treat the roof as if though it’s part of the overall home structure.

If you have a detached structure with a gabled roof, we'll still recommend shingles (our best bet on in Peoria's climate), but we’ll have a little more flexibility to use different materials from those on the main structure.

How long does it take to replace a garage roof?

For Landmark Roofing?  1 day.  Our standard 1-day installation assurance applies to garage roofs.

For other roofing companies in and near Peoria?  Who knows.  Maybe they squeeze it in one day, or maybe it drags out.

Signs you need a new garage roof

The signs you need to replace your garage roof are very similar to what you’d see if you need to replace the roof on your home: The roof is leaking or sagging, or you're seeing problems with the shingles.

Watch for moss and algae on the garage roof, granules in your gutters, and cracked, curled, or missing shingles.

Sometimes we can just repair your garage roof, rather than replace the whole thing. Call us early - earlier than you think you need to - if you suspect trouble. It will help us help you save money.

How much does it cost to replace a garage roof?

It depends on the size of your garage and the pitch of the roof, and on whether the roof is attached or detached to the main structure.

We've had jobs that cost as little as $1000 and jobs that cost as much as $10K. Of course, we won't be able to tell you until we've had a look at your specific garage. But once we’ve given you an estimate, we stick to it, which means you don't get any surprises. Contact Landmark Roofing to schedule your estimate today.

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